Fire In The Sky is presented by Fayette Fire In The Sky, a not for profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization which is comprised of more than 25 dedicated volunteer members serving the community.

Fire In The Sky is celebrating its 18th year, having originally formed in 2001 under the sponsorship of the Washington Fire Fighters Association and Local 699 (Washington Professional Fire Fighters). At that time, the need for an Independence Day fireworks display became necessary after the local Jaycees discontinued operations.

In 2012, with the disbanding of the Washington Fire Fighters Association, a new, not for profit organization, Fayette Fire In The Sky, was formed. The majority of the same people who had worked on the show before the change are still part of “Fire In The Sky”.  It was important to preserve “Fire In The Sky” which has become a Fayette County tradition.

The year 2015 is the 15th anniversary of “Fire In The Sky.” Plans are being put in place for a very special celebration and fireworks display.  Many changes are being planned for the 2015 celebration. You will see an expanded fund raising campaign along with the usual, annual fund raising events and a golf outing planned for May.

Each year, the organization starts the planning phase of the annual Independence Day celebration in early January and the process grows in intensity up to the day of the celebration. The celebration and fireworks display are funded each year by these activities:  donations from businesses, corporations, individuals, and civic organizations. “Fire In The Sky” also receives a substantial grant annually from Fayette County Travel and Tourism (a key funding component). WVNU Radio 97.5 FM is also a key player and a huge asset in fund raising and in show production each year, and also airs the soundtrack for the show.

The production of the show, from fundraising to designing and recording of the soundtrack, is put together by the members of “Fayette Fire In The Sky”.  These members also produce the shell firing choreography, establish the show design, and the fireworks display presentation. In 2014, the show had 22 licensed pyro-technicians, all of which are organization members.

Several hundred hours of planning and organization are required to put on the fireworks display each year. This process starts as soon as the show for the previous year is concluded. Every January marks the beginning of the fund raising and show production planning.

Fire In The Sky is presented to the public free of charge.  We hope to see you on July 3rd at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in Washington Court House.

Daniel E. Fowler, Chairman                          Rick Leeth, Vice Chairman                         Tom Youtz, Treasurer
Jackie Merrritt, Secretary                             Butch Williamson, Trustee                           Jay Post, Trustee

Fayette Fire In The Sky – Staffed by volunteers serving the community for 18 years.